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Time to Resume/Recover

Get back to business quickly!

Data Leakage Prevention

Stop data theft

Immutable Forensics

Understand the damage

The Next Evolution of Data:
Data that Protects Itself – By Itself

Peace of mind from all the things that keep you up at night

Ransomware and Malware Protection

  • A file automatically rejects any change that replaces its content with “chaos”.
  • If encryption succeeds, the files revert themselves—either automatically or on-demand.
  • Even if all AI/ML automation fails, data remains resilient via atomic copy-on-writes, and (optionally) replication over a decentralized blockchain storage.

Theft and Doxxing

  • Data Leakage Protection (DLP) functionality is now integrated directly into each file and data block.
  • Data and files act as their own SIEM event generators and controls.
  • Files and data can actively raise alarms and events to existing security subsystems.
  • Files and data now have built-in behavioral honey-pots to entrap attackers.

Corruption and Loss

  • Each file now has the ability to fully recover into a sane state from multiple moments in its history.
  • Each file can expose all of its “versions” to you simultaneously giving you unprecedented ability to delve into the history of all of your data.

Compliance and Audit

  •  Data and files now have built-in authorization and audit controls.
  • Data and files become“compliant by default” with a multitude of compliance regimens, including NIST 800-*, ISO20k1-*, PCI, and HIPAA.
  • Data readily and more easily integrates with existing compliance tools.

Easy to Install—Easy to Use

Just download, deploy, and go!

Data automatically starts protecting itself against any kind of malware, ransomware, trojans, silly-user-mistakes, external hackers, malicious insider attacks, theft, misuse, and abuse.

  • No need for extra hardware or special development. Just deploy and go
  • Interoperable with any operating system, From MS-DOS to OS/390 to Windows 11
  • No changes or adjustment to applications
  • No end-user training or know-how

Starting at only

$1.00 per GB per month.

Because your data security should not break your bank.

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