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Data, Evolved.


Data resiliency & integrity platform

Immunize your data from ransomware, data theft, and other cyber threats.


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Resiliate is Data-as-an-AI

First Protect. Then Alert.

Data interwoven with its own neural net enables data-centric security that cannot be bypassed (unlike perimeters) - protecting itself against:

  • unauthorized access and changes
  • data corruption and destruction
  • data exfiltration

Data becomes immune to costly cyberattacks, such as ransomware and data theft, as well as human error.

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Nullify the Impact of Breaches

Reducing RPO to Seconds and RTO to Minutes

Minimize Data Loss

Built-in, high-fidelity Recovery Point capability provides near-zero Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) (0.1 seconds to 1 second) for local volumes and anywhere between 5 and 300 seconds for remote volumes.

Maintain Business Operations

Resiliate’s AI tracks all “clean memories” of each data block in real-time – eliminating much of the manual and error-prone processes of recovery. Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) are reduced to systems I/O and compute bounds.

Simplify & Lower Cost of Recovery

RTOs reduced to minutes (rather than days or weeks) because of near-zero data-cleanup requirements. Downtime, cost of recovery, and TCO are all significantly less with Resiliate than with alternative solutions.

What Matters Most After a Breach

Time to Resume

(get back to business quickly)

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Truly Resilient – Resume Operations in Minutes Rather than Days or Weeks

  • In the event of a Ransomware attack, files revert themselves – either automatically or on-demand.
  • Even if all AI/ML automation fails, data remains resilient (and immediately available) via atomic copy-on-writes, and (optionally) replication over decentralized blockchain storage.

Data Leakage Prevention

(stop data theft)

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Limiting the Threat of

Theft & Doxxing

  • Data Leakage Protection (DLP) functionality is now integrated directly into each file and data block.
  • Files and data can actively raise alarms and events to existing security subsystems.
  • Data and files act as their own SIEM event generators and controls.

Immutable Forensics

(understand the damage)

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Transparency Into What’s Happening With The Data

  • Maintain an immutable record of the complete history of your data and all its metadata.
  • Each file can expose all prior “versions” to you simultaneously.
  • Data and files now have built-in authorization and audit controls.
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Resiliate Works Everywhere

  • Resiliate is deployed as a network-attached storage (NAS) or as a key-value store: users simply serve data from a Resiliate store to enable its self-securing abilities.
    • As a POSIX filesystem, Resiliate presents itself like any other network drive and can be used with any type of file.

Plays Well with Others

  • Works with everything: edge devices, in the cloud, IoT systems.
  • Bridges the gap between legacy and modern computing by providing a path for legacy systems on to transparently interconnect with any cloud-backed storage (supports S3 and Azure blob API).

  • Directly supports the efforts of operational automation and cloud adoption across industries through simplified security.
  • Lowers technology debt by bridging the gap between legacy and modern systems.
  • Works off-line and on air-gapped environments.
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Bridging Cybersecurity and Cyber Resilience

Resiliate provides software-defined, zero-trust Security Enclaves for critical systems and complex security policy requirements.

Simplifies security operations by providing data-centric CRUD authorization, context-sensitive integrity and confidentiality, as well as resilient data availability all in one, unified solution.

Provides and enables controls from standards such as NIST 800-53R5 (e.g., Resiliate enables customers to comply with CMMC 1.0 at up to IL5).

Reduce time to resume operations and restore any data loss.

Near-instantaneous rectification of disastrous impact.

Provides and enables deeper controls over data leakage and reduces data exfiltration across multiple environments.

"Data security

Auditing and Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Resiliate Provides Unique Audit Capabilities

and Insights Into Your Data

Provides deep forensics and audit trails for everything that touches the data.

Provides and enables controls from standards such as NIST 800-53R5 (e.g., Resiliate enables customers to comply with CMMC 1.0 at up to IL5).

Data and files now have built-in authorization and

audit controls.

• Data and files become “compliant by default”

with a multitude of compliance regimes, including NIST 800-*, ISO 20k1-*, PCI, and HIPAA.

• Data readily and more easily integrates with existing compliance tools.

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sā's mission is to make effective data security accessible to everyone.

Data is the fuel that powers any organization.

The need to effectively secure that data becomes more urgent as we struggle to keep up with the pace of data creation and the evolution of technologies that use that data.

We believe that data privacy and security is a fundamental right that should be attainable for all organizations – regardless of size and financial means.

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