DATA as an AI is self-securing and resilient

Resiliate is a first-of-its-kind software-defined security enclave (SDSE).

Our core technology enables data to become resilient and self-securing.

Self Securing data is:

  • self-aware
  • self-healing
  • self-defending

Your Data as AI protects itself against unauthorized access and changes, data corruption, and data exfiltration.

In addition, your data as AI can maintain complete history of what happened to it in form of data and meta data audit records.

Your data will always maintain its own security, availability, confidentiality, and integrity.

Resiliate™ software-defined security enclaves are Zero-Trust

Deploy Resiliate™ SDSE to rapidly spin-up secure enclaves by carving out the compute and data assets with need-to-know access from within enterprise compute on-prem and cloud assets to create isolated project-specific resources that provide secure caveat-separation from the rest of the corporate network to deliver security for sensitive data.

Integration and interoperability features

  • Resiliate™ SDSE can integrate with enterprise IDM/IAM systems and still deliver network, compute and data-flow diodes and deliver need-to-know separation.
  • Resiliate™ SDSE provides integration capabilities with modern SOC tools with the ability to generate CUI redacted events on every data asset to ensure security and real-time traceability of security events.
  • CEFS and SEM provide data leakage protection and ensure that CUI cannot leave the bounded environment, or optionally only with appropriate encryption enforcement.

Resiliate Capabilities

With sā® Resiliate™ SDSE, enterprises can quickly spin up secure enclaves that deliver higher levels of access control, authorization enforcement, and auditing capabilities that integrate with COTS technologies. The core Resiliate SDSE system is comprised of two enforcement systems:

  1. Cybernetic Engram® Filesystem (CEFS), an AI-augmented, POSIX-compliant filesystem that interweaves all data with strong self-securing capabilities; this forms the basis of Resiliate’s data-centric security< for all unstructured and structured data. CEFS imbues each data block with its own self-describing and self-healing capabilities;and
  2. Cybernetic Engram® Security Enforcement Meta-Kernel (SEM), a kernel-level user-centric reference monitor for Linux that delivers runtime enforcement of advanced security primitives.

CEFS and SEM come with multiple security primitives that can be used to provide or enable advanced security controls at run-time and without the need to modify user-space libraries or applications.

  • Multilevel Security: Verifiable implementation of user-centric Bell—LaPadula model
  • Multilateral Security: Verifiable implementation of Domain Separation kernel level reference monitor
  • Multilevel integrity: Verifiable implementation of user-centric Biba model
  • Augmented Clark-Wilson semi-formal data access model for structured and unstructured data
  • User or group assignable, role-based enforcement of POSIX.1e extended access control attributes.
Runtime-programmable ABAC enforces on conditions that can only be detected at runtime
  • Content-driven based, machine-learning access controls
  • Context-driven, behavior analytics-based access controls