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baby don't hurt me, no more!

Data automatically starts to protect itself against any kind of malware, ransomware, trojans, silly-user-mistakes, external hackers, malicious insider attacks, theft, misuse, and abuse.

Love old data again

sāf.ai is compatible with data on every system—the old ones running MS-DOS, OS/390, etc., to the ones running Windows 10, and anything new that comes along.

One solution

No need for extra hardware or software or special development. Just deploy sāf.ai and go. 


Grandma can do it

End-users don’t need any training or technical know-how, and no specialized training needed for your admins. 

Easy like sunday morning

No need to change or adjust applications—all the data of any software becomes automatically self-healing and self-defending. 

set it and forget it!

sāf.ai is evergreen. No need to update patches or manually upgrade the systems.  

how do I use it?


sāf.ai appears like a regular filesystem to existing and legacy applications. As storage requirements grow for legacy applications, the storage grows with them. 

POSIX compliant means that all your existing applications simply work without need for any change. Your application data transparently becomes self-healing and self-defending.

Thin provisioning means that there’s no need to port any data over to a new architecture at all. Just deploy sāf.ai filesystem on your existing storage and go.

No special client-side software requirements means that every new end-point on the network simply becomes secure by making sāf.ai filesystem its primary data storage.

Virtually unlimited storage for the enterprise, through its decentralized and distributed architecture.

Lossless file-level Copy-on-Write (CoW) with version controls gives you the ability to reverse any damage done that sāf.ai machine-learning wasn’t able to catch in time.

Automatic balancing across geographies enables sāf.ai to deliver maximum performance across thousands of applications.

as software-defined storage

sāf.ai can appear as network-attached block devices (e.g. hard drives) letting you work with any operating system that supports network block-devices.

Thin provisioning of block devices means that you can very quickly deploy hundreds or thousands of physical and virtual machines using sāf.ai. When combined with sāf.ai’s filesystem mode, you can recover from catastrophic disasters and attacks almost instantaneously.


Lossless Copy-on-Write snapshots with versions control gives you the abilitto readily reverse catastrophic attack or damage on an entire network.


Provisioning over both iSCSI and FCoE means that you have unlimited scalability, as well as legacy compatibility, working on a single software-defined-storage solution.

as an object store

sāf.ai object storage APIs enable modern applications written in C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, Go, PHP, and more to store and access data with complete protection.

Built-in support for partial or complete reads and writes means that your application will continue to run irrespective of any local memory cleanup or corruption.

Automatic Object-level Machine Learning means that each object becomes self-aware and protects its own data—down to each member level.

Distributed locking and Atomic Transactions, with features like verified appends, guaranteed truncation, and range-cloning, allow big-data applications to run smoothly over thousands of nodes.

Object-level Key-Value mappings and intelligent indexing means that applications run blazingly fast.

 Get to know us. 

sāf.ai was founded with a simple question: “What if your data could … ?” and our solutions are built on a similarly simple answer: “Your data can…”

Tackling complex problems requires the freedom to be creative and to think independently. For us, it also starts with a fundamental desire to do good.  In our work-life, doing good means making an organization’s most valuable asset, its data, safe.

Ling is sāf.ai’s COO and has experience in business operations honed by over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, as well as her work at a tech-incubator providing guidance and support to emerging technologies, makes her uniquely qualified to help achieve saf.ai’s mission.

She lives in Maryland with her husband and family.
Ling Young

Chief Operating Officer, sāf.ai, Inc.

David is sāf.ai’s Chief Financial Officer.  Prior to sāf.ai, he spent fifteen years working in private equity – in a variety of roles in corporate finance, capital markets and as an investor.

David lives in Washington, DC with his wife and their three children.  When he’s not building Lego castles or giving piggyback rides, he enjoys traveling, playing tennis and watching Philadelphia sports and the Georgetown Hoyas.

David Malcarney

Chief Financial Officer, sāf.ai, Inc.

Ahmed is sāf.ai’s CEO. Before launching sāf.ai, he founded Trustifier, Inc., a provider of insider threat prevention solutions that served customers in the military, healthcare, and banking industries (among others). He has spent the last twenty years designing and maintaining systems that safeguard data, educating programmers, and (when possible) adding his two cents to the body of knowledge in the fields of math and computer science.

When not telling his super excellent dad-jokes, or being a human jungle-gym for his kids, he likes to read, and play chess, and Go.

Ahmed Masud

Founder & Ninja, sāf.ai, Inc.

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