Hey folks, sāf.ai is back! Not that we were really gone anywhere. It’s just that the first time around, back in March 2020, the timing turned out to be a little rough, thanks to the pandemic. However, being an improvement-minded kind of company, a delay didn’t mean time-wasted. Major sections of Resiliate code was improved and rewritten in rust; we worked with some partners to launch proof of concepts, lots of testing, and major usability features added to advance the awesome automation that sāf.ai’s new tech delivers to preserve critical data integrity during things like a ransomware attack!

So we are pleased that we finally get to announce the public availability of our data protection and resilience product Resiliate. Okay, not just pleased, but super excited for a few reasons:

First, it’s not everyday that a brand new type, a whole new category of cybersecurity technology is rolled out! By that we mean it’s never been done before—by anyone.

Second reason for our enthusiasm is the chance to help business owners stop worrying about becoming victims of ransomware attacks so that they can run their businesses: saf.ai technology fixes a major problem in a way that is easy to employ for small and mediums size businesses! Safeguarding mission-critical business data and to ensure stable business operations is more challenging than ever in the age of ransomware and businesses are looking for a practical solution.

The idea for sāf.ai first came about in 2016 when it looked like ransomware was going to become a cyber-crime epidemic, and of course now it has. So five years in the making but it looks like we’ve arrived just in time.

The data protection and resilience offering that sāf.ai now brings to the table is provably effective prevention against all strains of ransomware! But sāf.ai isn’t backup technology. While backups are still recommended, the goal is to avoid needing to use them. If you need to restore data from backups, then the attack has been successful and you’re already a victim of ransomware or some other cyber attack and dealing with some degrees of business disruption and recovery expense. That’s what sāf.ai wants to help businesses avoid.

The final thing that excites us, and maybe the most important thing, is that sāf.ai was created with small and medium businesses in mind. We know that many are struggling to deal with cyber security, as they are behind the curve and under-resourced. They are not mini-enterprises. They may not have a CISO, or security staff or budget. They may barely have an IT person. Many SMBs are simply overwhelmed trying to figure out what to do, how to do it, and how to afford it.

So welcome to the sāf.ai blog! We look forward to informing you more about how sāf.ai tech is a powerful anti-ransomware prevention that is usable, affordable, and intuitive even for SMBs.